Good Luck, Love, or Goodbye





From ‘Train Wreck’ off the Abulum album:

She’ll call you up just to hear you say she’s fine
Then she’s gone away
And you know there’s only one more time
You’ll hear about her again

Well it’s life informing art informing life again
Like every stupid kid
That thinks that they’re the first in pain
The first to rip themselves apart
The first to try
And live without a heart

I miss you girl, I hope you’re fine
Good luck, love
Or goodbye

I want to see your face, even hear your lies
Good luck, girl
Or goodbye


ijah’s postcript:

This pic reminds me of the vid of sakurai whom, overcame by emotions while singing ‘Hero’ at the ap bank band fes 2005, broke down and cried. The crowd then sang the rest of the song, until he composed himself and continued.

2005 was a tough year for me too.

Click here to see the video, translated lyrics and review for Hero

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