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Ijah’s note: The #1 reason for people to come here is to look for stuff from Final Fantasy. Therefore, I decided to create this post and a permanent tab on top of this page. Click on the links below for the appropriate items. The only one that I leave out would be Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within, for obvious reason.

Hope these help!


Leave a note to the author of the walkthroughs if you find any particular one useful. It’s a simple way to say thanks.





All these wallpapers were originally posted on Square’s Official website (92 pcs in total); and some are fan-arts modified from the official ones, taken from one of the 6 listed above.  Please click on the pic below to be taken to the gallery coz for some reason I can’t insert the gallery in this post:

Cloud Strife of Advent Children

Cloud Strife of Advent Children

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  1. Nice list of Final Fantasy sites! I’m a huge FF fan too, you should come check out my new FF site sometime too! =]

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