Help me complete this: Counting down the KAs/ NLA Wed Gatherings 1996-1998/ 775 Vista

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Kg Baru, KL. Photo (c) abubakar8286 - flickr

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Kg Baru, KL. Photo (c) abubakar8286 - flickr

 Ijah’s Note: Circa 1996-1998, I used to chat at this place called Jiji was the one responsible for my KA induction, prior to that I used the net purely to look for people to help me with my tax & law tutorials.


Anyway, when I first joined the Alamak clan, we used to hang out at the Courtyard; and then Server 2. I was part of the KA family, an informal group of people who regularly meet over teh tarik and nasik lemak at NLA (see pic) every Wednesday to discuss all things internet as well as life. Back then, the internet was young and new and hacking seemed so dangerous and fascinating. Then I had various handles: Ariel6, ArielSixx, KA54, and sometimes when I am in a foul mood, BlueBlack.


Life went by quickly though, and the next thing I knew I have lost touch with most of the friends I made then. Seems sad really, coz these people used to meet me 2-3 times a week, sometimes even spending the weekends over at my apartment in 775 Vista; and to whom I largely credit for helping me to get out of my funk state to become a functional member of the society once again.


So, as a trip down memory lane, here’s the list of people that I am trying to get in touch with. If you are one of them, or if you know them, please help to hook us up.


It seems strange to think of them after haven’t been doing so for close to 10 years…. but today I find that I do miss these bunch of crazy people, and the inordinately large amount of laughter, food and movie posters that they brought into my life.


The incomplete list, in no particular order:

  1. abg alun
  2. abg reez
  3. abg zaidi (toto)
  4. abg shuhaimi..err tak ingat nama but he berlakon teater last time
  5. malau
  6. dell
  7. aircond
  8. HyDe azlan
  9. lya
  10. ajie (TX3)
  11. chi (khai)
  12. dale
  13. laksamana
  14. toi
  15. o
  16. abg wan
  17. milo
  18. impreza
  19. coyok
  20. din
  21. dicecode
  22. mie SG
  23. ucop SG
  24. fudz SG
  25. erna SG
  26. praetorian
  27. baby D
  28. toto’s brother in-law ex UTM (forgot name)
  29. incognito
  30. andi
  31. wed
  32. pett
  33. bongek a.k.a emi
  34. loyo
  35. ain
  36. ayu aizahira
  37. cicak (airina)
  38. adikcute
  39. chillies
  40. Lola
  41. along (baizura)
  42. ewoks
  43. Vampire
  44. peanutbutter
  45. Rancid
  46. lickquit a.k.a Lal
  47. abg zuliss
  48. pusat (feisol, budak tmn tun)
  49. dire-straits (rafi)
  50. Tag!!!!! (my ex school mate lagi boleh lupa)
  51. meLi (putra lrt)
  52. jerung (firdaus, adik abg reez)
  53. Guns
  54. Zeo (azie)


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6 responses to “Help me complete this: Counting down the KAs/ NLA Wed Gatherings 1996-1998/ 775 Vista

  1. ijah .. rafi ade jumpa dia ari tu masa adik ipar dia kahwin .. hahahhahahaa anak dah sorang .. bini pon geng geng macam dia gak hahahhahahha

  2. Anonymous

    kak… akak lupa saya la … huhuhu…rindu la ngan akak… sore akak yang sedap tu … ingat tak akak nyanyi n gitar akak kat ampang kot..huhuhu…On a Jet Plane kot …something macam tu la…. ~~miss_ciput~~

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