Rock bands? What rock bands?

I’ve been neglecting to kill time here coz I am killing too much at the other site (the Mr Children Fansite I mean). I didn’t mean to spend so much time there, but at the rate I am going I think it will still take some time before I get it up to scratch so be a little patient with me.

Yes, Aning got married over the weekend. Since this is not THAT kind of blog, I’ll post one, just one pic once I make my selection (since I can only post one, I’m trying to find a really good one i.e. one where everyone looks half decent).

What’s with all these young, just-hit-puberty boys that are calling themselves rock bands? Observe:

Click Five

Click Five



...and the one band to rule them all the Jonas Brothers

...and the one band to rule them all the Jonas Brothers

Are you freaking kidding me?!

What happened? Did the world change while I wasn’t watching?



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2 responses to “Rock bands? What rock bands?

  1. jiji

    another sign that we are getting OLD hehe..

    genres begin to have no meaning.. come on la kalau Whitesnake is classified as Classic Rock, you know its a sign of the times..

    i don’t buy the labels these days.. its to cater for the younger i.e. new crowd..

  2. *laughs* exactemente! I was watching E! and had to comment out loud apa pasal E! is covering the Jonas Brothers so extensively and keep on calling them a rock band?

    THIS is rock?

    I thought this falls into boy band territory.

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