Updated: Ijah Loves Mr Children


My new Mr Children Fansite is now up and running, in a manner of speaking. I have uploaded several reviews and a handful of transliterations & romaji.  These are in alphabetical order so if you are looking for something specific, drop me a note and I will post it pronto. With 100++ lyrics to wade through, it’s gonna be some time before I can complete this.

In meantime, If you googled “Namonaki Uta english lyrics” to get here, then go to my previous post: Namonaki Uta (Poem With No Name). The transliteration and song sample can be found in this page.

Til then.


Today I got 2 very pleasant surprises.

First was an email from someone who visited my (long non-updated) Mr Children page on geocities to tell me that certain links are broken. I’m excited coz that means someone actually took the trouble to check the web’s links. Bagus sekali.

Secondly, my site, yes the same one that is virtually dead, is cited on Jpop Music Forum as one of the best English sites for Mr Children. Sweet! How nice. All the more reason why I need to quickly re-do it. Been neglecting it for too long anyway.

There are many really great English sites for Mr Children these days as opposed to as little as 2 years ago. So I will revamp the site to do more reviews, transliterations, vids and guitar chords. Other sites are doing an even better job with pics, discography, historical info et cetera.

Sit tight.

Dai suki!!



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2 responses to “Updated: Ijah Loves Mr Children

  1. Rachel Mok

    Hello Ijah,

    My son is learning to sing and play Bokura no oto and we are trying to find the music for the guitar and piano (we plan to substitute the strings with flute – which is the instrument his sister plays). They are going to perform this at a fundraiser at school in the faal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I’ve posted my reply to you in the Mr Children Fansite so have a look at it over there :-) Hope it helps and good luck with the performance. If you can send me the clip, I’d be happy to put it up in the site.

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