Stress Reliever: What You Can Buy With RM180

Dear friends,

A couple of days ago NST  released a study about how Malaysian women quotes shopping as a stress  reliever and that the average amount needed to make you happy is only RM180 a month.

In the spirit of keeping the women of Malaysia happy, I invite you to post the list of things (with pics, if possible) that you can buy with RM180. The only condition is, it has to be something that you would purchase as a treat to yourself and it makes you relieve stress. So, buying RM180 worth of ikan kembong for a month’s dinner supply at the wet market doesn’t count.

No,  you don’t have to actually purchase the items, it can be theoretical so long as the total tally doesn’t exceed RM180.

So, go forth and shop!



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8 responses to “Stress Reliever: What You Can Buy With RM180

  1. PC Ng

    Four foot massages at Zouk Spa Summit. RM38 per hour with RM28 remaining for dinner at Black Canyon.

  2. PC Ng

    Two sessions of manicures and pedicures, RM65 each with RM50 remaining for lunch at Pizza Uno or for an OPI nail lacquer of your choice.

  3. IjahAmran

    I knew you’d be the first to post. I KNEW IT! You shop-crazy girl, you.

  4. PC Ng

    LOL. I meet expectations. Always :)

  5. Hahah I went to post my RM180 shopping list at the previous post pulak! Anyway, some more things that you can buy for RM180: A pair of La Senza pyjamas at RM120, black tank top from MNG RM40, balance RM20 for coffee and cake at Secret Recipe.

  6. Sedap makan kat Black Canyon. We should go one day. Lama tak pergi Summit. BTW pyramid now has the fish spa kat the Morroccan wing. Haha.

  7. PC Ng

    Jom Black Canyon! Just state day and time. Done.

  8. woah best. I’ll call you!!

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