An Exasperating Taxi Ride

OK, so I indeed had a migraine last Sunday. Stumbled out of bed in the darkness at 3am like a mad drunk, groped my dresser for an ice pack, tore it open and slapped it on my forehead. Haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since. Maybe I need to sleep in a different bed (meaning a holiday, you pervert, not a quick shag in the hay! On second thought…). I’d protest over the humongous bags under my eyes but I think God has more urgent things to take care of.

Things have been quiet this week. A lot of writing work, not enough of socializing work which is probably my fault because I put an embargo on the E90 and myself. So if you are wondering why I haven’t been posting anything new, that’s why.

Anyway, I want to write about the taxi ride that I took to work this morning. I flagged it down in Sunway and said “PJ Hilton” and the taxi said ok. Once I got into the taxi, I asked the driver to use the NPE highway, and then as usual, put on the ipod to kill time.

When we neared the toll booth, the driver started gesturing to get my attention. I took off the earphones and asked him what was the matter. Then he said, he wants money for the toll (RM0.80). I took out a RM10 note since I didn’t have any small change and as I was handing the money to him I asked why he wanted the toll money right now when it is normally paid at the end of the journey together with fare. Then he said passengers always cheat him and don’t pay the toll  money because he forgets to add them to the fare.

When he saw that I only had RM10 note, he grunted and took out RM1 from his wallet (which was what he should have done at the first place anyway). Not long after we came to the Jalan Othman roundabout. Again he was mumbling something, so I said, sorry? Then he said, mana mau pergi tadi? (where did you want to go?) so I repeated PJ Hilton a couple of times to make sure that he heard me. BTW to those of  you unfamiliar with PJ, PJ Hilton is one of the landmark buildings so I was puzzled when he kept on asking me where to drop me off.

Then he said, ikut Jalan Pasar? (Use the Pasar Road?). Normally I don’t use Jalan Pasar since it is faster to just  head towards Assunta Hospital, but there is a school there and things could be quite tight. Thinking that he prefers Jalan Pasar to avoid the slight jam in front of the school, I said okay.

The next thing I know, we reached the wet market along Jalan Pasar and he stopped his taxi at the bus stop. I asked him, kenapa berhenti dekat sini (why did you stop here?). He said, sini lah PJ Hilton, dekat Jalan Pasar. (PJ Hilton is here, near Jalan Pasar).

I told him no, I wanted to go to PJ Hilton the hotel and it was nowhere near Jalan Pasar. Then he started to grumble and said I was the one who said PJ Hilton is on Jalan Pasar. I leaned my body forward to try to hear what he was mumbling about. When he wouldn’t stop blaming me for giving him wrong directions, I asked him, do you know where PJ Hilton is? If you don’t know, then stop the taxi and I will  take another one.

Then he said, of course I know where PJ Hilton is, you were the one who told me to go to Jalan Pasar.

When we were approaching the bus stand opposite Taylor’s College, he slowed the taxi down and stopped. At this point I decided to just get out instead of insiting that he should drive me up to the hotel. I gave him the RM10 and got out without waiting for the change — which I think he had no intention to  give anyway since he didn’t make any move to reach for his wallet (taxi  fare was barely RM6 by the way).

No doubt PJ Hilton is only at the other side of the road and it was just a simple matter of me looking left, right and left again. The point is, it is not where I wanted to go. So, not only he was rude to me and insinuated that I wanted to cheat him off the toll fare he also took me to the wrong place, twice! A 7 mins ride became 25 mins.

F****** loser.

I didn’t take the number down or I would have posted it here.

And I seriously need a vacation if that incident is the highlight of my week!


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