Namonaki Uta (Poem Without A Name)

Mr Children

Mr Children

Update 19/12/2010

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This post is a piece of news that will be of no interest to most of you but I will post it anyway. Mr Children’s song ‘Gift’ due to be released on 30 July 2008 will be the official Beijing Olympic 2008 theme song on NHK. Very very cool. In case you haven’t noticed – saya sangat suka Mr Children. Totemo dai suki misuchiru, ne. Borders a little bit on obsession. I even did up a tribute website because it was so difficult to find English websites about them back then. Unfortunately, due to work etc it remains un-updated since 2005. But, I intend to re-do it all over again in the near future.

You can get transliteration of “Gift” from Brian & Takako of Utau Inu (formerly of centigrade j). Videos, romaji and more translations can be found at Jpop Asia.

I am listening to Namonaki Uta, the first Mr Children song that I ever listened to (full story here). And you know what, in my state right now, this song is perfect because it reminds me how I can fall in love in an instant without knowing what was going on. It happens to be Mr Children’s biggest selling single to-date; and ironically one of the easiest songs Sakurai ever written (he is said to be very surprised at its immense popularity because it hardly took any effort at all).

Apart from being a profilic songwriter with a very unique pronounciation and singing style, Sakurai is widely regarded as one of the best lyricists in the Japanese music industry. The opening lines of their song “Hero” taken off the superb Shifuku no Oto album is “Supposing that the world could be saved by one person giving their life in exchange, I would be the man who waits until someone else has volunteered”. Who would write lyrics like that? He’s crazy.

See the translation  below courtesy of Megchan with minor editing for clarity. Video of the live performance of the song after the lyrics.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a little dirty
I’ll eat everything anyway
Oh darlin’, who are you?
Clutching tightly to the truth

If you doubt me
I’ll cut my throat for you
Oh darlin’, I’m a fool
I’ll give you something precious

Standing in the irritation-inducing streets
It feels like even my feelings are becoming less real

But in this incongruous life
Sometimes our emotions get unstable, right?
But, darlin’, I’ll worry with you
And offer you my life

In your heart there’s fear that you will not be able to live
But you soldier on, blaming it on someone else
If you are struggling
In the prison of self
That you’ve unknowingly built
Well I’m letting you know that it’s the same for me too

No matter how much we understand each other
There will always be lonely nights
Oh darlin’, no one can erase
This prejudice

I’ve stepped on a lot of things to get here
But I feel like I’ve finally found the one thing I don’t want to lose

The sillier your gestures
The tenderer I feel
Oh darlin’, every time we meet
Tell me the story of your dreams

Love is not something to steal or to give
It’s something you just notice is there one day
Walking through the streets, singing a song as the wind blows
Throw away that strange pride
And it will start from there

Hopelessness, despair (down)
Why are you faltering?
Love, freedom, hope, dreams (courage)
Look down at your feet, you’re gonna stumble

You fall in love without any thought of its consequences
And even if you hurt someone sometimes
At this day and age it doesn’t make your heart ache with guilt anymore
Cos sympathizing with someone else is futile
And just pierces your own heart

In your heart there’s fear that you will not be able to live
But you soldier on, blaming it on someone else
If you are struggling
In the prison of self
That you’ve unknowingly built
I’m telling you, it’s the same for everyone, even me

It’s always difficult to convey
Something intangible like love
So, darlin’, that is why
This poem without a name
Will always be dedicated to you.



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2 responses to “Namonaki Uta (Poem Without A Name)

  1. Luzia

    I love mr. children toooo
    if you know hanabi, could you tell me where i can find the lyric?
    Gift is oishiiiii

  2. Hi Luzia,
    Thanks for popping by. Please head to my Mr Children fansite. The romaji for Hanabi can be found here:

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