Chicks and Supercars

Yesterday as usual I was babysitting my nephews Amar (10 yrs old) and Amin (turning 3 yrs old soon). As Ina no longer has classes on the weekends, she decided to join us. Originally we were supposed to go to Sunway Lagoon but decided it was too hot to frolic in the water and spent the afternoon walking around Sunway Pyramid instead.

After the usual tantrum and the rolling on the floor like a possessed demon child when I refused to allow the kids to stop by at the toy stall that sells Ben-10 toys, we passed by Mazda’s car exhibition at the concourse of the new pyramid wing. I walked past it without any interest. But Ina and the kids quickly pushed their way through the crowd and stopped to gawk at the Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe.

Reluctantly, I walked up to them. Amar and Amin were ooh-ing and aah-ing over the car, while Ina went in search of the salesman to get a brochure. The car looks just like this one:

The green Miata

The green Miata

  • Amar: Acik belilah kereta ni. Best. (Acik, you buy la this car. Best)
  • Ijah: Too small la. If Acik buy this, where are you and adik going to sit?
  • Amar: Tak apa, Amar and Adik boleh duduk dekat-dekat (It’s ok, Amar and adik can sit closely).
  • Ijah: Ok, why don’t you try and sit in the car (gesturing at the driver’s seat. Both children quickly scrambled onto the car and started to jump up and down excitedly).
  • Ina: (while waving the brochure. The salesman was right behind her) You must buy this Ijah. Only RM230k. Cheap cheap.
  • Ijah: (almost fainted when Ina said the car is cheap) It’s too flashy for me la.
  • Ina: What do you mean flashy?! I think it is just nice (proceeded to throw the kids out of the car and pretended to drive).
  • Ijah: I am already quite firm on buying a BMW M-sports.
  • Salesman: (quickly interrupts) Oh you cannot get a BMW for RM230k. If you can, that means it is a recon unit. This one is fully imported you know.
  • Ijah: How long is the waiting period?
  • Salesman: Only one month.
  • Ina: (still in car) Why don’t we share? Tapi aku la yang akan drive hari-hari hahaha (but I will be the one who drives it every day hahaha).
  • Amar: Acik nak  beli kereta kecik ni? (Acik are you buying this small car?)
  • Ijah: Tak tau (I don’t know). Acik’s friend also drives a Mazda. I think I should buy a different brand. Lagipun BMW is reliable and I am very careless with cars.
  • Amar: Tapi kereta kecik ni cantik (but this small car is beautiful).
  • Salesman: (sensing my hesitation) I can arrange a special test-drive session for you. You just give me a call (gave me his card). And if you take a RM200k 9 years loan, the installment is only RMX,XXX a month (furiously punched in the numbers on his pocket calculator and showed me the final figure).
  • Ina: (getting out of the car) You know you should go online and read about this car. It is the best in its class. A lot of awards. (glanced at the installment figure) You can afford that, what.
  • Ijah: (smiled weakly) It’s not a matter of affordability. It’s just not me.
  • Ina: I think it is so you. Don’t get the red one, that’s too loud and trashy. This green one will suit you very well. But you have to move house. You can’t stay at the dump you’re staying in right now if you buy this car.

We thanked the salesman after promising that I will call him for a test drive. Then we went to have ice cream in Haagen Dazs on the Ground Floor.

As I was waiting for the ice cream to come:

  • Amar: Bila acik nak beli kereta kecik tu (when are you buying the small car?)
  • Ijah: (laughs) Kena test-drive dulu, lepas tu baru beli (must test drive first, then only we buy).
  • Amar: Tapi kereta tu best lah.
  • Amin: (echoing the brother) kereta tu best lah.
  • Ijah: Ok, nanti acik beli (ok I will buy it later).

Ice cream came and we ate noisily. Then:

  • Amar: Bila boleh dapat? (when can you get it)?
  • Ijah: Dapat apa? (get what?)
  • Amar: Kereta kecik tu lah (the small car just now lah)
  • Ijah: Sebulan (in a month).
  • Amar: Sebulan tu berapa lama? (How long is a month?)
  • Ijah: 4 minggu (4 weeks)
  • Amar: Jadi kita kira 4 minggu dari minggu depan lah? Wow bestnya (So we calculate the 4 weeks starting next week lah?).
  • Ijah: (laughs)
  • Amar and Amin: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! (Amar and Amin proceeded to do a little victory happy dance.)

Emi texted “Chicks and supercars are very sexy, you know.”




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2 responses to “Chicks and Supercars

  1. Please and please remember me when u do own one of those cars. Seriously. I want a ride!!!!

  2. Ahahahah my biggest problem is I am seriously considering buying the car.

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