Lucky Me!

Firstly, thanks to PC and Amioq.

Secondly, Amioq I know you have been snooping around and reading certain, ahem, posts in here.

Thirdly, I just got home. But I need to post this. Tonight I was in Bangsar, at La Bodega on Telawi to be exact.  I was sitting outside the cafe and talking on the phone when I was overcame by the urge to leave the place. So I stood up, phone to my ear and waved goodbye to the floor manager. I was not even 10 steps away from La Bodega when I heard a commotion.

I turned around to see that a rowdy crowd of revelers from Absolute Chemistry across the street has spilled  to La Bodega in a drunken brawl… in fact right up where I was sitting. They even broke the glass that I was just drinking from! People were running helter skelter and patrons from other bars/restaurants/cafes on the same street rushed out in curiosity to see what was happening. I just stood there transfixed and amazed (bad choice of word but you know what I mean) at the coincidence. I literally left the place seconds before hell broke loose. How lucky was I?

I didn’t wait for my friend to turn up. Jumped into the nearest taxi and asked him to leave the place, pronto. The fight was getting rowdier and I didn’t want to get caught in that kind of mess. We passed by police patrol cars that were rushing to the scene as we exited Telawi.

On other stuff that I can’t discuss here anymore as I have agreed to abide by a gag order, I wasn’t so lucky. In retrospect, maybe my luck was accumulating the whole day long so that I have a safe passage out of Bangsar just now.

Either way, no complaints!



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2 responses to “Lucky Me!

  1. PC Ng

    What a weekend it has been for you. Never rains but pours… but things will be on the up and up again :)

  2. Yes I always have to do things in an excessive way, you know.

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