What’s In My Bag?

I tag these following 5 people and dare them to show the world what they have in their bags:

  1. Ints Erinna
  2. Anom
  3. PC Ng
  4. Adli (come on, I KNOW you have a man-bag)
  5. Ru A. Bakar

See what others have in their bags here: What’s In Your Bag?

Today, my  bag contains these items:

Stuff in my bag

Stuff in my bag

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Pink notebook and a pen – in case I need to take quick notes.
  2. Sunglasses case. I do like Nicole Richie – the bigger the better. Seeing is overrated.
  3. Warpaint case, containing: 3 lipsticks, 1 compact powder, a mascara, cream blusher, Cherry Blossom solid perfume by L’Occitane and eye make-up travel kit by Clinique. Oh and square cotton pads.
  4. Pink soft leather Name Card case.
  5. Cherry Blossom hand cream from L’Occitane.
  6. Keys (key chain from Disneyland HK).
  7. A pack of tissue from Guardian.
  8. The compulsory ipod (2179 songs at last count).
  9. Red soft leather wallet from Disneyland HK. It’s old and tattered but it fits neatly in the back pocket of my jeans.
  10. A necklace from Diva.
  11. The oft-maligned E90.
  12. Waterless hand sanitiser. To wash off any food stains from my shirt. Happens all the time.
  13. My access pass.


By extremely popular demand, please find below the contents of Adli’s MANbag. You will just have to figure out which one’s the KY Jelly and which one’s the, err, Wild Cats. Adli has graciously covered the ‘Virgin Territory’ DVD with the ‘ Sex & The City’ to protect your eyes from burning.

Oh, just the regular and boring stuff that you would expect to find from a nice and morally upright young man.

Oh, just the regular and boring stuff that you would expect a nice and morally upright young man to carry in his MANbag.



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37 responses to “What’s In My Bag?

  1. PC Ng

    Ha ha. Sharing is caring. Here goes the list… Done.

    1. LV French Purse
    2. MAC Makeup Bag – containing Dior compact powder, plasters, Dior eyeliner, Kotex pantyliner, Cherry Blossom fragrant touch perfume, MAC lip gloss, a mini rosary and LV key.
    3. Braun Buffel card case
    4. Mont Blanc pen with pen holder
    5. Anna Sui mirror
    6. Coach namecard and coins case
    7. Car and housekeys
    8. Premier tissues X 3
    9. Ipod Nano

  2. PC Ng

    Oops, forgot number 10 to make the list complete – my Nokia 6300 :)
    Yes RA, it’s still surviving!

  3. PC Ng

    My keychain is from Disneyland HK too!

  4. IjahAmran


  5. PC Ng

    LOL. And I know where you got your E90 from ;)

  6. IjahAmran

    You blackmailer you.

  7. Adli Abdul Karim

    Stuff from my MANbag: –

    -Orange business card holder
    -Motorola car phone charger
    -Smart Tag
    -TheFaceShop Classic Homme Moisture Mask Sheet
    -Gucci sunglasses
    -KY Jelly Personal Lubricant
    -Samsung MP3 player
    -Wild Cat PLAYSAFE Deluxe Condoms x 2 pcs
    -Sampoerna Menthol 14s
    -lighters x 3 pcs
    -‘Sex & The City’ DVD
    -‘Virgin Territory’ DVD
    -ballpoint pens x 2pcs
    -ING Silver F1 keychains x 3 pcs
    -ING F1 Cap x 1 pc
    -CIMB Asset Management business card holder (which I use as a wallet because it’s small and handy)
    -Motorola phone

  8. IjahAmran

    Adli wins.

  9. Kak Ijah..will post the entry soonnnn… But still, I think I can’t beat Adli. *sigh*

  10. PC Ng

    Ha ha. I agree. Slut wins.

    Why the heck do you have 3 lighters?! Ky Jelly we all know why la. LOL.

  11. PC Ng

    Forgot the condoms too. One can’t exist without the other, right? Ha ha.

  12. IjahAmran

    I know!! I was about to write something sarcastically clever about the stuff in his MANbag and the realized he has admitted to everything. Trumps! He wins. What an amazing display of lack of shame :-O hahahaha.

  13. Adli Abdul Karim

    Okay, I win…so what do I get? Hmmm?

  14. Hahah I don’t think this is the kind of win that you put on your resumes or get trophies for.

  15. Hi everybody..Huh just to interrupt, guess no body have baby pampers in the bag..

  16. IjahAmran

    Hahha no I don’t think so. But I think if you look closely in your bag, you could probably find a half eaten McChicken burger too.

  17. from Erna:

    so interesting!!!!
    but you are the only one with pics….
    would be interesting if the winner took a pic of the contents of his Manbag. He is so funny.

    Youre so cute to come up with this….hehehe


    Adli – apa lagi? Put your wallet where your mouth is and show us the KY Jelly.

  18. LeNnY "Lola" Anum

    Today nyer stuff in my bag are :

    1) Guess purse
    2) CK sunglasses
    3) LV keychain holder
    4) Kad Mesra pen hahaha & multi-colored stick-on pad
    5) Dopod PDA
    6) Nokia errr (i forgot which series…lama dah punyer!)
    7) Clean & Clear face blotter
    8) Biotherm Aquasource Yeux (for eyes)& Biosenses body balm
    9) Maybelline Compact Powder, ZA lipstick RD 301, Lipice Color – Candy Apple
    10) Dior watch, 2 sets of earrings, 2 bangles, 1 red beaded scrunchie
    11) My dental appointment card

    Plus i have so many bills/receipts stashed inside da pocket

  19. OMG. How BIG is your bag? Can fit a small dog inside also?

  20. Baby_D

    Wah.. bestnye.. nak join.. nak join.. my bag got only few stuff.. just wanna share.. hehe

    1. Guess purse
    2. Not so branded compact powder
    3. Maybelline watershine lipstick – pink karer
    4. Powerpuff Girl facial tissue
    5. Anakku Wet Tissue
    6. Kotex Pantyliner – 1 Pack
    7. 2 Pull ups Pants Diapers
    8. 1 small dress for my little girl – in case of emergency
    9. A bottle of mineral water – hey, water is important..
    10. 2 handphones – 1 nokia 3250 for my son and 1 SE P900
    11. Digital Camera – gila gambar
    12. Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau
    13. Handyplas
    14. Small face tower a.k.a hanky
    15. Sweets

    i think there’s few more inside.. too lazy to dig out.. hahaha.. and ALL those items stays or added up time to time… *LOL*

  21. Baby_D

    Lucky to have broad shoulder.. hahahaha

  22. IjahAmran

    Baby_D, you have interesting things in your bag. But Adli still wins :-) !!!!

  23. IjahAmran

    oooh I hope Job will finally post something and knock Adli off his pedestal.

  24. PC Ng

    Ha ha yeah. Go Job go!

  25. ray ray

    I don’t have a bag. Even if I have one, it won’t have a comb in it. :-)

  26. IjahAmran

    *almost pengsan on the floor laughing*

  27. Prelude_Lady

    huisss.. memacam ada dlm beg tu yekk.. jap check apa ada dlm beg saya plak,

    1. Wallet
    2. Make-up case (inside hehehe .. 2 Dior Lipstick, 2 clinique blusher, 1 clinique eye shadow, 1 clinique supermascara, 1 maybelline compact powder, 1 she uemura eye shadow, 1 maybelline watershine lipstick, 2 loreal lipliner, 1loreal eyeliner)
    3. Samsung L7
    4. thermometer – senang nak check kalo anak demam
    5. Clarityne – pasal idung selalu berlari
    6. Car key
    7. Mom’s house key – selalu tido sana
    8. House key
    9. Pouch duit syiling – senang nak main kat tempat bebudak
    10. Minyak angin
    11. Pen
    12. Toothpick
    13. Brooch – hehehe selalu ilang tu kena bawak spare

    kekadang ada puting anak … hehehe…lupa nak tinggalkan kat umah

  28. Adli Abdul Karim

    Dear Everyone,

    I tried posting a picture of the contents of my MANbag but somehow I couldn’t. I’ve sent the picture to our dear Ijah Amran thru MMS. Don’t know whether she got it. Ma’am, if you got it, put it up for the benefit of everyone here…;)

  29. IjahAmran

    I am ashamed to admit that I have not configured the MMS settings on my E90. Mintak maaf. Can send thru email? You got my addy kan?

  30. PC Ng

    Where are the condoms?!

  31. IjahAmran

    At the risk of embarassing myself for knowing which ones are the condoms, they are the ones in the tin foil wrapper right beside the KY Jelly. You have been duly informed.

  32. IjahAmran

    From: “Ayu Aizahira” (via email)

    Well… cakap dekat Adli …. dia mmg berani… kekekekekekeke

  33. Done!! But Adli still the winner… My lubricant eyedrops will never beat Adli’s KY Jelly personal lubricant. Adli, u r the man!!!

  34. from Erna:

    iJah – hahahah ingatkan toothpaste, sekali KY dah….hes really a funny dude.

    I don’t think you’d WANT to beat Adli. This is not a ROLE MODEL contest, you know?! *lol*

  35. Oh. It’s not? Damn. I thought it IS a role model contest. Hahahaha…

  36. Adli Abdul Karim

    Why the hell would i be going around town with a bloody toothpaste in my bag??? Although, in the absence of KY, toothpaste could probably work just as well…heheh… minty fresh like dat…heheh….;)

  37. Okaaaay… too freaking early in the morning and not enough Nescafe in the whole of Nestle to make me sober enough to respond to the comment about alternative uses of toothpaste….

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