Some Pics to Kill Time

Proof that I really did babysit!



 (clockwise: Danish, Syahmi, Amin and Ijah at Haagen Dasz while waiting for ice cream to arrive)



 (Amar and Amin will ride this damn police car every week!)



 (We popped by Pyramid to grab quick dinner at Chicken Rice Shop, but not before Amin got his batman pajama that I had promised him the week before. He remembered!!!) 



(Taken after we got  back from the pool, all showered and powdered and ready for dinner)


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3 responses to “Some Pics to Kill Time

  1. Adli Abdul Karim

    those pictures not dated pun… it could have been taken last year!

  2. IjahAmran

    You bastard. You will do everything you can to prove that I am the ultimate domesticated UN-Goddess, aren’t you?

  3. Ok I got it! Look at my arm. So small. It has to be this year. Last year I still have Tyra Banks arms, remember?

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