3 + 1 Makes 4, or not!

Update: I was away for a couple of days due to work commitments. But there are more to this 3+1 story. This appeared in The STAR Online (click to read full article) on Monday (19 May 2008).

KUALA TERENGGANU: Mohamed Nor Awang, who plans to take a fourth wife, will just have to wait longer. Despite the lorry driver filing an additional affidavit on his ability to take yet another wife on Sunday, Syariah High Court judge Shaikh Ahmad Ismail Hakim is not convinced. Instead, the court postponed the decision on Mohamed Nor’s application to June 5, to give him the opportunity to produce witnesses and documents to support his claims on his financial and physical ability.


Original Post: Not if the judge has his way anyway. This headline caught my eyes and it was covered by all the mainstream papers today:



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