Ijah & 15 Pet Peeves

Miss Ints tagged me on this one. It’s a bit overdue but I was busy with this that and the other. After all, pruning down my long list of peeves to just 15 takes some effort.

Rule: If you are tagged, you are to list down 15 things that annoy you and then tag another 5 persons. For my case, I tag Jeremy, Zylia, Kristine, U-Chen and Debbie.

I define pet peeves as things that get me annoyed, but not necessarily upset or hysterical. Enough to make me roll my eyes or utter a french word or two lah; but not enough to murder someone.

Ok, 15 Pet Peeves in no particular order.

  1. Bad photographs that show my big, fat, Tyra Banks arms.
  2. Not knowing what to wear. I am still struggling to deal with this problem one day at a time.
  3. Smudged eyeliner.
  4. Not being able to find my mobile phone when it rings and rings and rings in my handbag.
  5. Not remembering where I put my keys/rings/glasses/ipod/wristwatch. I’m always a few minutes late every morning because of this.
  6. Ice that melts too fast in my drinks.
  7. Having to decide where to eat.
  8. Taxi drivers who refuse to use the NPE despite my instructions, only to find much to my annoyance, that the Federal Highway is indeed, as I predicted, bumper-to-bumper jammed.
  9. People who make faces when I laugh a little too much too loud. Lighten up. You have plenty of time to be surly and moody when you’re dead.
  10. Anyone showing off anything with completely indiscreet brand name or logos splashed all over it. You can wear them, you don’t have to flout them. Nothing says no-style faster than a boorish labels junkie.
  11. Shoes that squeak.
  12. Slow elevators.
  13. Inconsiderate drivers that bulldoze through puddles and splash innocent pedestrians without even thinking twice about it.
  14. Unsuccessfully trying to zip up or unzip a dress by myself.
  15. Unsolicited instant messages on the MSN messenger by strangers.

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