Gifts for Ijah

Okay, this is a frivolous post. Taaaaapi, since I’ve been asked to do up a register and I had some time in the taxi on the way home to think about it, I am going to kick the next person who says I am such a difficult person to buy gifts for. Here’s the register, in no particular order of preference:

  1. Anything from Adidas.
  2. Anything from Dior.
  3. Anything from Lakmè (haircare).
  4. Anything from Diva London. Actually, make that any accessories from anywhere. I love jewellery and trinkets.
  5. Anything from Bloom. If you gonna get me the lisptick, my favourite is Sheer Pout.
  6. Anything superman. *Note: shirts must be baby-t in S, please.
  7. Anything hard rock cafe. *Note: shirts must be baby-t in S, please.
  8. Eyeliner from Body Shop. Best eyeliner. Ever. I love the blusher too, in Rose.
  9. MNG sunglasses or belts. The bigger the better.
  10. Martin guitar strings and any kind of picks or capo. You can never have too many.
  11. Is it too much to ask for another Ovation? Heheh. No harm trying.
  12. Handbags or totes from Elle or Esprit.
  13. Marc Jacobs’ Daisy. Extra points if you can find the solid perfume version. Muah muah Kak Ruby.
  14. Any shoes from Aldo, sizes 37-38 in black, brown or (my favourite) red. Trust me, I don’t mind having several pairs of the same design at all. Go to the shop in Pyramid and look for Linda. She knows what I like and what I have.
  15. Dresses from Promod, Somerset Bay or Forever 21 in sizes 8-10. If in doubt, go with black in A-line style and choose something in jersey material.
  16. Book vouchers. From any bookstore.
  17. Red leather purses/wallets. Whatever brand.
  18. Atlas ring from Tiffany. Silver is good, white gold is better.
  19. Love ring from Cartier. Plain, no diamonds, but white gold only please.
  20. Chanel classic flap bag(lambskin) in pink or white or black.
  21. Wii or PSP games. Just give me RM10 and I’ll buy the games myself, thank you.
  22. Pajamas from La Senza in size M. PAJAMAS. Not nightie or those sexy lacy stuff. Just good old pajamas. NO BRASSIERRE please, you can never get the size right, trust me. They’re bigger than you think and by they I mean my breasts.
  23. White bedsheet and pillow cases – for a queen size bed.
  24. Anything from/by Mr Children. Posters. DVD, CDs. Documentaries. MP3s. Concert tickets. Sakurai himself. Anything.
  25. Long socks. I like!
  26. Herr’s Cheese Curls or Cheetos (that’s what I have in common with Britney Spears)
  27. Nail colour from Bloop or Sally Hansen.
  28. Tights from Topshop or Dorothy Perkins in size M.
  29. Playing cards. Pick an unusual design.
  30. A gray baby-t with the words “Everybody Lies” splashed across the chest. :-)
  31. Black or red leather wristbands.
  32. Cases and cases of mineral water (I have to drink everyday anyway).
  33. Berrylicious pavlova from Delicious or Alexis. Sedap.
  34. Hazelnut Presso from Ole Ole Bali.
  35. A Sony vaio. Racy red, gold or green or all three!!!
  36. Strawberry shortcake.
  37. Cupcakes!
  38. Video games memorabilia.
  39. Lucky charms. I need all the good karma than I can get/buy/steal.
  40. A haircut. Aaargh. So many people tell me I need one.


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3 responses to “Gifts for Ijah

  1. Jiji

    gurl u ain’t difficult (i give u that).. you’re EXPENSIVE! hahahahaha….

  2. That’s a lot better than the last comment that I got i.e Ijah is cheap but not easy!

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