Stupid Stuff that Annoys

  1. Stupid people. Self explanatory.
  2. People who volunteer to do/run/organise something and then moan moan moan moan moan about it. If you want to moan, don’t volunteer! The fact that it’s voluntary already means that it will involve a lot of unthankful work. Lagi mau komplen?
  3. Forced political opinion. To each their own la. I have my own (strong, in fact) political belief so don’t you dare speak on my behalf as if you are representing me.

The story is much longer than above but putting it in bullet points makes it so much easier to deal with. The real moral of the story is while we cannot choose our family, we can choose our friends, bosses, organisations, societies bla bla bla.

Jadi, to cut a potentially very long tirade extremely short, I know better now not to argue with lamp posts.

The savagechicken is so apt!

People I Hate by Savage Chicken


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