Ijah’s Various Pics from Recent, err, Activities

Rahsia Gig: in dusk pink A-line dress by Somerset Bay, Aldo patent black heels and lots of cleavage. Pictured here with the immensely talented Justin Lim (bodek sket)


Also featured: An Ovation, an Appalause and Mary Jane Watson (Yen’s Martinez)


Britney’s Posse: Murdering “Baby, One More Time” with birthday girl Sharon.



At Bibi’s Wedding: Guess which one is mine?


Where’s the bride? Purple diamante dress by Cultivation, ruby red shoes by Aldo, shawl by MNG and hair band by Diva.


Alas she appears: The radiant bride in pink.



The White Brigade: At PC’s birthday @ TGIF S/Parade. Dress by Arcadia, patent white Aldo that hurt my feet badly I have not worn it since!


Rimbun Dahan: Wearing one of my 3 kimonos, bought from Bangkok’s Pratunam Market. Gold shoes (not in pic) by Aldo, tights by Topshop, gold bag by Elle (a prezzie from Awa).


Farewell Ads: Shirt by Hard Rock HK (thanks VChu of NBA by way of PC), pants by MNG, breasts all mine.



Party On: at the celebratory party in a full-on school uniform. Shirt by Scarlet, Skirt by Orange Tree, long socks by Sawks, black velvet Mary Janes by Bata, hair band by Diva and sports watch by B.U.M Equipment. I would have liked school better if my uniform back then was like this.


With the PE Teacher: Mr Yip was obviously in the wrong dress code and age category!


For more pictures, please go to my Flickr page here (www.flickr.com/ijahamran)


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One response to “Ijah’s Various Pics from Recent, err, Activities

  1. I saw a veeeeeery generous cleavage. Hehehe…

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