Random Thoughts While Waiting For Cik Bibi

I am getting ahead of myself. Despite my reservations (you know, the one that says.. don’t count your chikins…” I went ahead, planned and booked a celebratory party anyway. Any reason to put on my dancing shoes really. Here’s hoping I am not jinxing anything. I really REALLY have depleted my stock of good karma.

Last night it occurred to me that Cik Bibi is married and I should start calling her Pn Bibi! Just one of those random thoughts that popped into your mind as you drifted to sleep. I also dreamt of being in this surreal town where everyone wore black, yet I am in white (which is strange coz I am normally the one in black), and that everything was made from candy. I woke up with horrible cravings for some hard-boiled sweets (toffee?) like the one Awa bought last time. Sedap giler! So to reward myself, I decided to wear a new dress to work.

So what next? What do I need? I racked my brains last night in the LRT when I was trying to update my shopping list (which also serves as my “Things Ijah Needs To Do In Her Life Before She Hits 40”. When I was 16, while some listening to some boring lecture in Dewan Kuliah back in High School, I wrote a list of 100 things that I want to do before I was 40. I kept that piece of paper with me for more than 15 years, but there were planes to catch and bills to pay etc… the next thing I know I had accidentally thrown it out together with 10-15 diaries/journals that I kept since I was 13, love letters, an assortment of short stories, poems etc that I wrote, photos from childhood. So I am literally history-less).

Sigh. And so life continues.


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