Tired and Blurry

Hello! Hello! Hello! Last night was a blast. I was running myself ragged driving from one end of the town to another, okay it was Debs driving me from one end of town to another, but still! It rained cats and dogs, some of the people I had expected to see didn’t turn up and some that I didn’t expect did so it was a nice night all around. Mazlin came with her cute, chinese looking kids, Aida with her cleopatra do (amazing!), Ayu and her pretty friends, U Chen’s facebook groupies in sparkly dresses (sequins sequins everywhere), Wadie and other (unfortunate) diners who were there when I was warbling Britney and Rihanna. Aziah couldn’t come but sent flowers (awwww…)

Despite, everything went well. Debs boyfriend Justin saved me from myself, I just love love love him. I asked Debs three times if I can take Justin home and put him in a cage.

In case you didn’t know, if a girl asked a boy to marry her last night, he has to.

Missed your chance? Ask him again 4 years from now.

Tired and blurry. Gotta go find some mamak food to eat now.


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