I have known Aida since forever. I was staying at C1025, she was at C1027. On our first night in school, she had a nightmare and fell off her bed. Then, we called her “Shidee”, me… I was always Ijah, which eventually morphed into “Jah Ramvong” after this titular character from a series of the same name in a popular comic monthly Gila Gila. Yes, I was notorious. We both were. She’s one of my favourite people in the world. We’re not connected at the hips, and that’s what’s so great about it. With her, picking up where we left off is so natural. I admire her strength of character and her determination. Unashamedly I steal the line, “Sorry I can’t do the victim thing” from her.

So last night when she told me to go and get a Facebook account, I did. I’ve trusted her judgment for 21 years, I guess I can afford to allow her one bad suggestion : -)

Thank you Aida, for de-virginising my Facebook resistance.


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