YouTube: Goodbye Song & I Wrote This by Ijah Amran (original)

“Goodbye Song” was for Jai, it was something that I should be ashamed about because I was unapologetically unaware and insensitive.

“I Wrote This” started out as a poem written at the back of a taxi on my way back home from work. It was Valentine’s, and it was raining. I set it to song the next day. When I first wrote it, I wasn’t thinking of anything. I was just staring out of the window of the taxi, and as it passed Sunway Pyramid I saw lovers walking hand in hand and flower girls selling expensive bouquets to guys who would want to profess their undying love to their ladies.

A few days later I thought of a someone that I haven’t thought about in a long time. For some reason, later that day the phone rang and it was him. He said, he felt old. I remember saying, 33 is not old. He said, you don’t know how I feel. I feel stupid and helpless and small. I didn’t know how to respond to that. It was an awkward conversation, with an awkward person… sometimes I wonder about the little coincidences in life if it’s not God’s way of telling me I should stop and listen every once in a while.

I am 33 today, and I still don’t know how he feels. I’m going to sleep now. It has been a night without sleep and I am too old to stay up this long.



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13 responses to “YouTube: Goodbye Song & I Wrote This by Ijah Amran (original)

  1. Art Ilham Ilyana

    Hai Ijah!

    My name is Art. i”m staying in Singapore.

    First of all, I’m truly apologized if I would in anyway bring any old memories back to you. I’m juz a stranger who wanted to know if the guy named “Jai” which you wrote the song for, could it be by any chance that he’s the singaporean artists?

    If is not then I am truly sorry. Juz curious to know.



    Art Ilham Ilyana

  2. Hai Art,

    I left you a reply here yesterday but today when I re-read your comment, I realized I had misinterpret it. So here’s my new reply.

    For some reason, I was asked this question a couple of times. But the answer is no, the ‘Goodbye Song’ was not for Jai, the singaporean artist; although I do know a different singaporean artist for whom I have written several (other) songs for.

    Don’t worry about old memories troubling me. The good thing about getting old is you tend to forget how sad you were when it first happened. Cheers.

  3. Art

    Hai Ijah.

    It’s me again, Art.

    Thanks for having the time to reply to me :)

    I’m sorry for being the another person to ask you that question.

    Well, the reason I ask was that I ever had a bad memories of him, one way or another. That was 6 years ago, back in 2003.
    To make the story short, his wife was my ex long time real love galfriend who she had left me for.
    The ironic part was that whatever that guy capabilities and interest such as graphic design, music, singing, produced and composing are the same interest of mine. Juz that I’m not in a better luck in the limelight…. maybe not yet. From that day on, I’m striving to be better or not, greater. Coz I know I could. My close buddies, ever advice me “Bro, do it for yourself not as just to prove it to her”.
    Till now I still working hard in realising my dreams to become a music producer and a music video director one day. I prayed hard. Currently I’m studying in SAE Institute (School Of Audio Engineering. Singapore) and be graduating in a months time :) Btw, I’m 30 years of age and I may be making my way up to work and stay in KL, maybe not that soon but not that far either.

    Oh ya… I didnt get to say dis tis yesterday. You have a great vocal gal! And your composition is impressive too. Keep it up!

    your sincerely,

    Art Ilham Ilyana.

  4. Hi again Art,

    Yesterday at a luncheon, the person beside me asked where would my fantasy wedding take place. I said, the Ice Hotel in Iceland. About 30 seconds later I said, no no I want my wedding to be in a stadium so that people can just drive their cars right up there and park; and the food will be gerai-style so everyone can order and eat exactly what they want. After speaking to other people at the table, I came back to her and said I think I want my wedding to take place in … (pause)….(loud laugh)….you know what? I don’t know what I want.

    There is a moral in this little story and the moral is even in your wildest fantasies where your every wish can and will come true, you can find that you still don’t know what you want.

    Love, I’m afraid, is a lot like that.

    It takes time…maybe sometimes too much time; but trust me, this too shall pass. Don’t worry about the bad or the hard things, the universe has a way of paying everything back. To quote Maroon Five, “you give love, you get love”.

    Props on the graduation, what good news. Drop me a line if you are in KL. Sucasa Micasa. Thanks for the nice compliments, if we were at Starbucks when you said that, your coffee would have been on me :-) Ganbattei ne!

  5. Art Ilham Ilyana

    Hai Ijah!

    Thanks again for the advices. Well said and accurate indeed. I’m very much appreciated ;)

    I will for sure drop you a line if I’m there and the drinks in strabuck is sure be on you too. he..hee!

    3 days ago you was a stranger to me and now you are indeed a friend :)



    yours sincerely,

    Art Ilham Ilyana

  6. szo

    Hi there

    Just enquiring..u still in ctc with Art? Do you mind if i hv his email addy? i’m an ol’fren of his. Tks pal.


  7. Hi szo,
    Unfortunately, our only means of contact was via this comments page so I don’t have his email addy. But I do know that he checks this blog every now and then so who knows, lightning might strike twice.

    If you’re reading this, szo’s looking for you!

  8. szo


    Tks so much for the reply. Hv a good weekend, girl.


  9. Hey szo,
    No worries. There was an email addy attached to Art’s old messages but it’s not working I’m afraid. We’ll just have to play the wait and see game.

    Hope your weekend was as good as mine (sleep late, wake up, go to bathroom, rummage kicthen for something to eat, play crisis core, watch E-News Weekend, play some more crisis core, look for food again – rinse and repeat).

  10. szo


    Wow..that was some pretty occupied weekend i supposed! lol! Well, mind kinda routine. But i went to watch The Kungfu Panda yesterday, so at least it chased my mundane monday blues away! Now it’s tues! Yay!


  11. Art Ilham Ilyana

    Hai Ijah!

    Hows things goin with you dear? seems you are still cheerful as ever i see. Well good news is, I have just graduated last march! Yeah… (Alhamdulillah). Finally realising my dreams. I’m now pretty packed with a lot of freelance video directing and music productions thru out this month(pheew!). Oh ya.. by the way, SZO, you are looking for me? I was informed by Ijah(thanks sweetie!)and actually I already acknowledge you thru your email addy on the 12th June but there was no reply from you either. Well hope to hear from you soon!

  12. szo

    Hi Ijah!!

    2 words – Thank You!!

  13. Guys,
    I cannot EAT thank you’s.

    Try sending me some food next time.

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