Come come and join the “Night With the Cover Girls”, Feb 29

featuring Ijah and Awa

29 February 2008, 9.00pm
Rahsia Bistro & Wine Bar
13, Jalan Damai, 55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 03 – 2142 5555


Ijah has been playing the guitar for more than 15 years although her skills are limited to the 7 major chords. Despite that she unashamedly proclaimed herself a rock chick and have busked along Medan Mara and Bangsar, played open mics and billed gigs and even written many a-cheesy love songs for friends’ girlfriends in exchange for free meals. She likes rainy days and black dresses and anything Japanese and at last count, had exactly 11 fans. Her only known weaknesses are kryptonite and cupcakes.

Awa had written one song and transliterated another. By extreme good luck, her warbled rendition of the English version of “TOKYO”, originally sung by Japanese singer YUI, was chosen for broadcast by YUI herself in the radio show YUI LOCKS. Awa has sung many times in chat rooms, but this would be her first ever ‘live’ appearance. Her guitar is bought especially for this occassion. Awa counts Zamani of Slam as one of her favourite singers and thinks CJ7 is a one hella funny movie.

Together, Ijah and Awa will be playing an acoustic set at Rahsia to celebrate the leap year on Feb 29, 2008. Billed as “Night with the Cover Girls”, they will not be singing their own songs but rather each others, together with a selection of pop ditties that holds special significance in their lives (for e.g Ijah will sing “Baby, One More Time” to remind us that Britney Spears was once hot and used to wear panties to help Ijah get over her trauma of seeing pictures of Britney’s vajayjay on “Pink Is The New Blog”). Audience is encouraged to sing along, lyrics sheet will be provided.

The acoustic set starts at 9pm and will end with an open mic session. If you would like to participate, feel free to sign up at the door. You can play the girls’ guitars or bring your own so long as you play ’em.

Rahsia is an eclectic little restaurant located in Jalan Damai. There is no cover charge but seats are limited so come early or make reservations to ensure you get a good seat since both girls are short. Both of them would like it very much if you could come and clap or whistle or both to fool them into a false sense of celebritydom so please help to share this around.

For more information on the gig and open mic please email Ijah at

For reservations, please call: 03 – 2142 5555


Location Map to Rahsia Bistro & Wine Bar


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