YouTube: Wishlist by Ijah Amran (original)

This is my attempt to upload something other than other people’s video into my youtube channel. Somehow I didn’t think I was successful coz it still hasn’t appeared in the channel yet. Aih, too lazy to figure out what went wrong.

Anyways, I went to Pyramid tonight for a while to get some stuff and to eat. After unsuccessfully trying to finish Burger King’s Famous Superstar for the 7th time in a row, I decided to buy a double shot espresso frappucino. The result? A night of blinking and staring at the ceiling. After a while, I decided to try to do this video.

Here it is, if you look real closely you could see my fabulous breasts. Hah! You looked, didn’t you?

(note: I haven’t gotten the link up yet so you just gotta make do with the MP3 version first. Gomen ne. My video is in *.rm format, I found out that it’s not supported by youtube. Sigh)

(2nd note: Success! I used the trial version of WinAvi Video Converter hence the watermark. It’s still uploading on youtube though so can’t link it in here just yet. The link above would take you to the real audio file. You need to have a Real Player to see it.).


The MP3 version can be found here together with the full lyrics. I explained about Wishlist in my post there as well.

Comments and/or collaborations appreciated. My disclaimer and privacy policy applies.


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