KL – Bandung – Jakarta then back again

Please read my post: My Weekend In Bandung for a proper review of the trip.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Jakarta until I was there, and fell in love with it all over again. Ina may beg to differ, she’s too much of a city rat (by which city is defined as a place meant purely for shopping and entertainment, and by entertainment I mean karaoke). But for me, stepping back into Sari Pan Pacific reminded me of how much I liked the city at the first place, and how incredible the whole Papua adventure was. It seemed like so long ago.

Ibu Wita said I looked young, and more importantly, happy. I laughed with her over two pieces of croissant and really strong coffee. She said, you must come and stay at my house in Bali. Ok, she doesn’t need to ask me twice. Bali, here I come.

In the taxi from the small Bandung airport to our even smaller hotel, the song that was playing on the cassette deck was “Goin’ Where The Wind Blows”, I swear I am not even close to making this up. I chuckled and said, wow so progressive (to the taxi driver) and he cranked up the volume when “Promise Her the Moon” came on. I stopped taking pictures and sat quietly though I doubt if anyone noticed.

We went to various places but just too tired right now to chronicle the whole affair.

For some reason, I bought several pieces of cloth thinking that someday soon I’ll get a few proper baju kurung tailored. Back at the hotel, as I was unpacking and re-packing my suitcase it struck me as odd that I chose all 4 in variations of white. Now I wonder where can I wear white french lace baju kurung without looking like an out of place bride.

At Kampung Daun I requested Gil, the acoustic performer that served as the entertainment for the night, to play “Ever the Same”. He looked at me in surprise and said “Are you kidding me? You know this song?”. I cut his singing and hogged the mic when he started to sing “Time After Time” (all this after he painstakingly took the time to say “it’s the Tom Petty version, baby”. Coincidentally I was thinking of Matchbox 20’s version instead), then we did a couple more songs before I decided I wanna play the guitar and played “Wishlist”. I’d like to think the small crowd that gathered was there coz they were fascinated by my performance, but it was more likely because I was wearing an obscene dress and did not cross my legs while I was playing the guitar. I am sure from certain angles, you could see my underpants.

New news coming up soon. I am both scared and excited. I’ve already figured out that 2008 will be the proverbial litmus test year. It doesn’t really matter which road I’d eventually choose, right?


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