5 Questions – Answered

I was asked these questions, and decided to answer them here:

  1. Why don’t I have a regular column in any local newspaper/magazine? I don’t know. I’ve been asked a few times but the idea of having a regular column seemed like too much work. Around 2000-2002 I wrote quite regularly to and for a local English music magazine and apparently received so many hate letters due to the controversial nature of my comments (one particular sensitive topic was when I critisized local hip-hop artistes for speaking like they were born and brought up in the Bronx). So, no. I don’t have a regular column and won’t be having any soon coz this blog is all that I need, baby.
  2. What are my top 5 favourite comedy movies of all time? This was asked about 3 weeks ago and I only got around to mulling over the answer today. “Blades of Glory” was hilarious, Jon Heder looked like an angel with his curly blond hair. Anything featuring Jack Black is always a good bet but for me I gotta go with “High Fidelity“. “Clerks” is another one that made me laugh out loud, the scene where perpetual stoner Jay asked Silent Bob’s cousin Olaf (or whomever he was) to sing a song called “Berserker” made me laugh so hard I almost had to pee – and for your pleasure, it’s the clip that I chose to use for the film. This next one also makes my list of favourite movies of all time: “Shaun of the Dead“. I watched the last half of this movie one late night when I could not sleep, then stayed up the whole of the next day so that I could catch the repeat and watch it in whole. Okay, so I have one more movie to choose. I think I will go with “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”. I suppose the choice is a bit obvious but you know what, Sir Austin Danger Powers in one f*cking hilarious super spy. Oh behave.
  3. (Just received a phone call, my Wii is here!!! Wheeeeeeee….. Got up to do a happy dance)
  4. How many guys I’ve dated? The official version is 40, that’s about an average of 8 guys a year from the time I was old enough to start dating. Before you get all skirmish and look around for a stone to throw at me, let me clarify by saying that I’ve only been in a committed relationship twice. There. Do you feel bad about calling me a wh*re now?
  5. Why am I still single? This was just asked about 15 minutes ago, over the phone, by an overly concerned friend. I’m not annoyed, I know she meant well. I have been asked this so many times I lost count. And my hesitation to answer is not a sign that I am at loss for words or that I don’t know why I am still single. It’s just that I think that no matter how I answer this, it will never be a good enough answer to please the questioner. Betul tak? But here goes and it’s a simple answer, really. It’s coz I don’t have any plans to settle down. I like being in a relationship, love it even, but that’s the extent of it. I do have some general plans for the future. I know that by 2010 I want to have my own apartment so I have about 2 years to shop around for that shag pad that I’ve always wanted. I know that I want to run my own spa/record store/game store some day once I get too tired of the rat race. I know I want to go to Japan and watch a concert at Tokyo Dome, a Mr Children concert would be very nice, but it doesn’t matter what concert really coz I just want to be there for the experience. I know I want to learn (or re-learn, rather) how to draw and paint. But other than that, I don’t give much thought to what I am going to do about my state of singledom. Malas. Life is simple and uncomplicated the way it is. It’s karma :-) I’m paying for past mistakes.
  6. Why black? Simply because. I already have a hard time time trying to figure out what to wear, trying to figure out what colour to wear will just add to the burden. When everything’s in black, it’s just a matter of choosing which one is clean and doesn’t need ironing. In other words, I’m just lazy.

Ladies & gentlemen, Shirushi (Proof) – the ‘live’ version by Mr Children. Because I am still in mourning.


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