A Mixed Bag of News

  1. The bad news is Taylor Guitars are no longer available at Emi’s friend’s shop in Berjaya Times Square. I have to go and get them at Bentley’s, which will charge me like 30% more  than other places. The good news is, now I have an excuse to take a quick drive to Singapore and get one there. Helloooooooooooooooo Rock & Republic jeans.
  2. The bad news is my sofa has been fodder for a colony of termites (yuck yuck yuck, don’t even want to describe how geli it was when we found out about it). The good news is I get to spend the whole day traipsing through Ikea and bought a bright red 2-seater, a white 1-seater, two bar stools (for us rock chicks) and a metal and tempered glass dining table. The dining table wasn’t eaten by termites but since I was in the mood for some furniture shopping….
  3. The bad news is my Wii is not here yet so I have to wait another three freaking weeks before the console arrives. The good news is I managed to buy a brand new 14″ JVC TV (in anticipation for the Wii) for only RM149. I love it when shops close down and have to hold clearance sale.
  4. The bad news is a pair of Aldo shoes costs RM468. The good news is they are holding a 50% sale so I get to buy two shoes for the price of one!! It’s still a bit too much money for something that ends up (irregularly) on my feet but dammit, I look hot in those shoes.
  5. The bad news is I am losing one of my staff for the first time since I rebuild the team last April. The good news is this resignation sends a message, one that I will not elaborate here. But it’s a good message, and one that I hope will repeat again and again and again til the people that matter get it.

January was a stressful month. Feb is shaping up to be a lot less strenuous, but I feel a storm brewing in the background.

Time to practice for the gig!



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2 responses to “A Mixed Bag of News

  1. I’m sorry you have to travel a long way to see a Taylor. I’m sure it’s worth it though :). Send me an email if you get a chance.

  2. Ijah Amran


    Driving 300 miles for a guitar – if it wasn’t worth it I would have burned the whole town down :-)

    Sadly though I didn’t get to but the Taylor coz the model that I wanted was not in stock. So I went around and bought an Ovation instead. I know it’s a poor substitute, but enough to tide me over til I get me one of them Taylors the next time I make that drive to Singapore.

    I have the chance and will drop you an email :-)

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