Comparing Resolutions 2006-8

For 2008 I have decided that I will make no resolutions. Instead, I will make 2 simple wishes, cast them to the winds and hope they will come true. Maybe not today, but someday. You can always hope. So here it goes:

  1. I wish for world’s peace.
  2. I wish for the cure of stupidity; and for it to be available freely and easily to anyone who needs them.


From 2007 and Beyond (This is not a new year’s resolution)

If you are looking for resolutions for 2007, here are some suggestions:

  1. Read. (Iqra bismi rabbik-allazi khalaq).
  2. Watch more TV, but consciously try not to look at the subtitles.
  3. Play RPGs. If you have never done so, start now. It’ll teach you a lot about perseverance and problem-solving.
  4. Drink less coffee. Trust me, calling yourself a “coffee addict” is not cool especially if you can’t function without 20 pots of coffee a day. It just makes you dysfunctional.
  5. Get comfortable shoes. Fashion be-gone.
  6. Stop yearning for a soulmate (if you haven’t found the other half).
  7. Stop trying to change him/her into a soulmate (if you are saddled with another half).
  8. Exercise more patience with waiters who mixed up or forgot your orders. They are limited by their experience and circumstance. You’re the more privileged one so act like one. After all it’s just food.
  9. Laugh as loudly as you want. Why should you care about what people at the next table think? They are not in charge of your happiness meter. You are.
  10. Lie about one or all of these: dress size, weight, age, how much you hate chicken skin, or how much you love vegetables and exercising.

2007 here I come.


From 50 Resolutions

Question: How many of these I will break by Chinese New Year?

  1. I will do the caterpillar at least two minutes every day and if during some of those days I do not have access to a guitar I will still pretend to do the caterpillar as if I have a guitar.
  2. I will go swimming at least twice a week and if during some of those days I do not have access to swimming pools then it will be bankrolled into the next week.
  3. I will only buy either a pair of shoes or a handbag a month and NOT….. BOTH!
  4. I will only buy a maximum four (4) items of clothing a month and at least one of those will be in colour other than black or brown or red.
  5. I am only allowed 2 Japanese CDs a month and ONLY if they were at discounted prices on eBay, and that includes concert DVDs or music video collections.
  6. I am allowed to buy as many books or magazines or earrings that I want.
  7. I will not think of mocha mud pie too much.
  8. I must play and complete at least 2 games that are not RPG-related. Expand the horizons a little.
  9. I must write one song a month. Even if it’s just about the weather.
  10. I will take one old friend out for coffee every month.
  11. I will try to do one new thing every month. It could be mastering cuss words in foreign languages, or kissing Japanese rockstars, or learning to knit.
  12. I will own one new musical instrument or equipment every year. I’ve always wanted a pair of maracas.
  13. I will change my hairstyle once every quarter.
  14. Ho! I will get my driver’s license before the year is out.
  15. I will get a baju kurung tailor made, once and for all.
  16. I will get a new Neo Matrix jacket and if I can’t find one, I’ll make one.
  17. I will find a magical pair of super-black jeans that will make me look slimmer and younger and richer and wiser.
  18. I will be nicer to boys. *koff! koff! can’t breathe…need….air…*
  19. I will write a funny, witty screenplay. If Matt and Ben (and Stephen Chow) can, Ijah can too. (residual resolution from 3 years ago)
  20. I will take up drawing and painting. Seriously. I will.
  21. I will complete my photography projects within this century.
  22. I will learn how to copycat mangas and draw cute little girls with big shiny eyes in short skirts and long stockings.
  23. I will learn Japanese. Formally. It’s not enough to fake it by saying domo arigatou gozaimasta all the time.
  24. I will learn to accept that I only need one pair of sunglasses, not 4, in my handbag each time.
  25. I will go to a Dome Tour by Mr Children and Glay before I reach the ripe old age of 35. Who’s with me?!
  26. I will go to Morrocco.
  27. I will find True Love. I meant the perfume. By Elizabeth Arden. What did you think I mean?
  28. I will get a macthing luggage. In green. Or purple. Or orange.
  29. This is a no brainer. I will get a PS3 before the year is done.
  30. I will join a gym. Ha!
  31. And go at least twice a week. Double ha!
  32. I will get a full set of Akira Kurosawa’s movies on DVD
  33. I will get a full set of Haruki Murakami’s books
  34. I will read Kafka.
  35. I will listen to a ‘live’ Jazz performance. Ok ok. I will try to listen to a ‘live’ Jazz performance.
  36. Oh this is hard. I will go and support at least 4 local traditional arts and/or music production this year, one for every quarter.
  37. I will finish all my replacement puasa before mid-year. Ganbattei, ne!
  38. I will file my taxes and pay them before 30th April.
  39. I will save 10% of my monthly income in a high performing investment fund that will make me rich beyond belief (read: lottery).
  40. I will watch all the F1 races. If I miss the ‘live’ race, I’ll watch the repeats. Michael lost his crown coz I didn’t do so last year.
  41. I will take a personal holiday at least twice a year. Even if it’s only for lying in my bed thinking about when it’s gonna rain next.
  42. I will drink 5 glasses of water every day.
  43. I will eat sensibly and take all my multivitamins and anti-histamines religiously. At this age, I need all the help I can get.
  44. I will try to sleep by midnight every night.
  45. Oh, I been wanting to do this since February last year. I will make a decent demo of my stuff. A cheap mic and a free encoding software don’t count.
  46. I will write liner notes to all the songs and explain (expose?) who they were really written for.
  47. I will contemplate making amends. Please note that I put this at the bottom of my list.
  48. I will track Hisashi. I did it once, I can do it again.
  49. I will get my job description and line of reporting cleaned up and straighten out so that I can function better at work. Say… by March? Oh to be so optimistic and naive about managing expectations.
  50. I will start dating again and fill up my dancing card(s). Who am I kidding? All the good guys are either married or gay. At least, that’s what the statistics say! Good luck to Awa!!

Note 1: I didn’t put ‘working hard’ in there coz it’s an oxymoron. I always work hard. Even if it doesn’t appear that way. When I gaze pensively outside my office window, I am not daydreaming, I am strategizing. To quote Bibi, get with the programme.

Note 2: I was not high on pot when I wrote this. A little hungry though, so my thinking might be impaired. It’s 1.54am, of course I am hipoglycemic. Heh.

Note 3: I am still not sleepy. There goes resolution # 44.


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