How do I Kill a Memory that Won’t Go Away?

Hate can be a deadly thing.

Anger, even deadlier.

I should move on.

Welcome 2008, with a bullet.


AMUSED – Song & Lyrics by Ijah Amran (2001)

Don’t think that time has dulled my memories
It’s less clear than yesterday but no less sharp
Don’t think that the breezy facade that you detect in my voice
Is a sign of my resignation

I may smile
I may sound amused

But I haven’t forgotten how you
Ran away from here
Ran away from me
Your hesitation left me with nothing
But my pride
It’s not about who’s right or wrong
Or to see if I’m weak or strong
I haven’t forgotten
Have you?

Don’t think that time can heal just anything
As we sit in our different universe
Don’t think you can pick up the threads that you left
And that everything will be alright
Just because you decided you’re gonna come around

I may smile
I may sound amused

Have you forgot how we ended?
Have you forgotten how it all began?


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