A Weekend In Penang

Last week I went to Penang. Mostly for work, leisure on the side. I brought Ruby along, she was alone and bored in KL so a short r’n’r in Penang would be interesting. She missed her flight not once but twice! But in the end, managed to get to Cititel safe and sound.

We ate:

  1. Rojak Sotong.
  2. Pasembor with fried crabs, potato, egg, prawns, fish cake. The plate looked like a small mountain.
  3. Dried sotong with dip.
  4. Mee goreng mamak.
  5. Laksa Penang.
  6. …and all sorts of drinks to wash these down with. And that was only on the first night.

We went to:

  1. Kek Lok Si temple.
  2. Penang Hill and had tea and scones at the lovely Strawberry Hill garden.
  3. A chocolate factory.
  4. A coffee place.
  5. A place selling local tidbits and I bought biskut tambun.
  6. Deluxciuos Spa: I had a facial, Ruby had a full body rubdown. Verdict: fantastic. A bit pricey but hey, who can beat Bangkok prices? (email: deluxcio@gmail.com). Must go again the next time I am in town.
  7. The cemetary (I forgot the name). I didn’t bring my glasses so couldn’t find Francis Light’s tombstone but the whole place looked interesting, though crumbling.

Then we ate a very good seafood dinner: kam heong crab with eggs (superb), tofu cubes, sharksfin soup, steamed fish and fried calamari. I had young coconut, like I always do whenever I eat seafood. Failed to finish the crab. Honest.

During several stopped-and-restarted conversations over nothings, my sordid dating past with men came up more than once. I have forgotten more than half of the men and most of the history they were part of but listening to it all over again (over much protest and amnesia claims) makes me laugh.

I was a monster.

I hope Kak Ruby remembers to keep everything that happened in Penang, well, in Penang.

Much thanks and love to Aten and Azizi.



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3 responses to “A Weekend In Penang

  1. Athene

    the pleasure was all ours.

    and, what happens in penang, stays in penang ;)

    our love to kak ruby.

  2. Alex

    where is the cholotate factory in penang??

  3. Hi Alex, you can check it out here http://www.penang-attractions.org/shopping-in-penang.html.

    I honestly could not recall where we went because we hired a personal tourist guide for the day and he took us around in his car. There were several itineraries to choose from and we chose the one that I mentioned in the blog above. The one we hired was organised by the hotel (we were staying at G Hotel on Gurney Drive). It costed us RM80 per person and it was for 8-hrs; didn’t include entrance tickets to attractions, meals etc. The guide came to the hotel to pick us up. Mind you this was in 2007 so the rates definitely would have gone up. If you are interested to book online. you can try http://www.visit-malaysia.com/penang-tours/penang-city-tours.htm. Hope this helps.

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