Best CV. Ever.

Who is this lady and how do I hire her? (Click on the thumbnails to read the full CV)


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4 responses to “Best CV. Ever.

  1. did she actually applied? are you or anyone else hiring her based on this?

    but we gotta hand it to her, that’s one gal with an everest-size self esteem! :D

  2. yenney

    hahahahhaahhahhaarrr!! a complete madness! this is way better than my senior chambee’s CV whose copy i inherited from his PC. not to mention his written ‘agreement’ with his girlfriend to maintain their love to eternity!
    and he was a head boy for UIAM law faculty.

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  4. nana

    it kills me!!!if i were u, i will just ask her, why dont you become the boss????huhuhu

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