To A Friend

For the past few days, I have been thinking of this particular girl. For the life of me, I could not remember her full name or I would have googled her. I can only recall that we used to call her “chomel” (cute). She once wrote to me to ask for permission to syndicate my blog in her blog and I wanted to write to her to tell her that I have migrated Killing Time to WordPress.

It would have been very easy for me to get her information. After all, we had many common friends. It would have taken just one phone call. But it wasn’t anything terribly urgent and I had planes to catch and bills to pay.. and so the song goes.

I didn’t know chomel well. The longest conversation we ever had was when we were paired together during the induction week of Career Club circa 1994 or 95 (that was not the actual name of the club but you get the picture). We were supposed to (a) draw random shapes on a piece of paper. I drew this:



Then (b) I was supposed to describe the shape to my partner (chomel) so that s/he could reproduce the shape without looking at the original drawing.

Obviously it took me me 3 seconds to describe what I drew and chomel reproduced it perfectly. The facilitator was cheesed off but had no choice but to praise us. We never discussed it, but we both knew we beat the system. We looked at each other and giggled uncontrollably like a pair of school girls who just spotted a boy’s underpants. By the way after I finished the induction, I lost interest in the club and simply stopped doing anything about it. No need to go into details. Unfortunately, that was also the last time I saw chomel. This was more than 12 years ago.

I received two calls today but was too busy with my daily chores to return them. At 2.12am I looked at my mail and saw one entitled Susanna Jafri. Ah! That’s the name. But even without reading the email, I knew what was coming. Chomel passed away during a road accident yesterday. She was involved in an unavoidable collision after the car in front of hers swerved off the road. Her husband, and her unborn child, also perished in the fatal accident.

I’m sorry I didn’t know chomel any better but during whatever little time I spent with her, she was kind and she laughed a lot. I am sure chomel is sorely missed by the people who love her. chomel’s blog can be seen here: Susan’s Little Corner.

Peace out, cutie. Sleep well under the grace of God.


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