From Matt Despatch

First of all wanted to thank you for the emails and info on Ijah’s Gigs .. trimas. Just wanted to share my side of the story of what went down that nite :)).

Actually i’m the one who promoted and tried to gather few ym chatters to join me at starbucks that nite. few chatters who told me they were coming were, dzul79 (never showed up), boycontos (went to a diff starbucks LOL), qdees_kid (1st to show up) and nihat (last one to show up). well what actually happened that nite was >>> i wanted to go there earlier but unfortunately a fellow chatter (erin aka no dunhill i die @ other weird ids) and also a fren of mine called up and asked me to come to her office since her company has a freelance job to offer me. i was there discussing the terms of the jobs and was stuck there till nearly 10pm.

anyways i decided to take a cab to bangsar to avoid the traffic jam and hassle of parking, i also asked erin to accompany me. we arrived at starbuck around 10:25 pm. the place looked packed so i scouted for familiar faces (ym chatters). i saw a group of ppl sitting at a table on the sidewalk (one lonely guy surrounded by 5 lovely gurls). i only recognised the guy (qdees_kid as ive met him b4 once) and one gurl (palaz .. as ive seen her cam). of course they didnt saw me :)). so as the band got ready for the next song i slipped inside to order drinks without those outside (ym chatters) noticing me :”>

i got some spare chairs from the back and put then in front of the stage for better viewing and waved for erin to join me. as we sat there listening to the duo sang while sipping our ice blended i saw qdees_kid walking inside towards me while the rest of them outside glancing at us (note: i was wearing a fisherman’s hat just to avoid ppl recognising me). but to no avail kid still recognised me and engaged me in small talk …. lol :)) they (the group outside) thought erin was my sister timah .. imagine the laugh i had … anyways kid invited me to join them outside but i said that we’ll join them a bit later on. actually by then it was already 10:40 pm and your sis havent showed up, so being the person who told them about the event i was a bit worried that i gave the wrong info :-SS. i decided to only join them after your sis is there on the stage. to my relief, later on a lady in baju kurung came in with guitars and i instantly knew that must be Ijah :D

Ijah’s Note: I was already there, we were standing at Coffee Bean waiting for Milo to finish parking his car before making a move to Starbuck. He was right, the place was packed.

.. me n erin smiled at her and she smiled back with puzzled look ;)) then as she was starting to get ready .. me n erin waved to her (yes it was us who u sis mentioned in her mail) and shouted “Sis Ijah play Wish List OK .. plsssss” .. i saw her nodded and cooly agreed ( in her head she must be thinking who the hell are these 2 =)) ).

Ijah’s Note: Yeah, I was puzzled. First I thought they were my Singaporean friends whom I have not met for 5-6 years now. I used to play Wishlist to them but I haven’t played that song lately. So, when it was requested, I presumed it would be people from my past.

i proceeded to move outside to join the group while erin stayed back inside. as i walked towards them i saw another familiar face (orange_sunkiss) apart from qdees and palaz … still theres 3 more gurls who i have no idea of whom they might be plus 2 of the girls wre staring at me as if trying to recognise me from my webcam which they might have viewed before. me and qdees smoked and chatted bout you n your sis. later on erin joined us. we sat and enjoyed to Ijah performing .. and after the 2nd song me and few others shouted “WISHLIST WISHLIST WE WANT WISHLIST” (my sole reason coming that night was to hear her sing that song :x) thankfully she obliged although i sensed not wholeheartedly … she babbled about how that song was among the first song she wrote and it used to be called cheezy love song (cheezy or not i still love that song so much :x)

Ijah’s Note: You will not believe HOW MUCH I hate that song. I had to forgo a new song in order to do Wishlist and my friends were complaining about it (because they wanted to hear the new one). This was when Milo fucked up big time because we didn’t practice this song at all.

we gave her a very loud round of applause after she finished that number. after she finished we hanged out for awhile cos we were hoping to take some pics with her. and to our surprise she came outside and offered to treat all of us drinks one thing that still kept me thinking was >> as ur sis introduced me to your other siblings (Ita if im not mistaken) i shook hands and introduced myself as mat .. and it was her comment which gave me a puzzled look, i quote “ohh inilah mat yg tak nak tunjuk muka tu” .. being a shy person :”> i never asked her what made her say that. anyways we ordered our drinks then as we’re about to take pictures .. nihat and greese arrived. Later i’ll asked oren if she already uploaded the pics of that nite to her yahoo album and i’ll mail u the link ok.

said our goodbyes to your sis and we moved on to “lepak”ing @ Pelita (mamak shop) nearby Locos was the last to arrived as we were having drinks at Pelita. it was then that i got to know the 2 girls that i mentioned earlier was alos chatters and i knew them well … dang!! it was Bie19 and mogy_gee .. so basically the ym chatters who came that night was >> me (ahli_silap_mata), erin (no dunhill i die), Qdees_Kid, Palaz, Oren, Bie19, mogy_gee (these are those who managed to catch ur sis performed), nihat, greese and vatos_locos ( it wasnt 17 FANS as ur sis exxagertaed :))

Ijah’s Note: Haha the 17 was calculated to include my ‘own’ set of fans too. Laura brought some friends, so did Man & Vee and Soo. My original estimation of about 15 was not far off the mark. Many didn’t make it that night (put off by the packed Starbucks), and people from my office couldn’t come because we were setting up for an event at IOI Mall. I am still sick though so won’t be doing any singing any time soon.


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