Ijah @ Starbucks

Posted by coyok nee sigarett:

Jan 18 ?? am i late or there’s a typo error here..in any case, congrats.. finally, u have achieved asmall part of ur dream..if it’s on jan 18, then i missed it already.. if it’son Feb 18, Friday, i think, i’ll try to make it..ciaoZzZzZz


Ijah’s Songs: http://www.geocities.com/ijahsongs

Mr Children: www.geocities.com/ijahamran

p/s: Awa, hahahha next time, THINK before you post. Ahem, and you should stop being so jiwang-jiwang you know.


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  1. Anonymous

    aik kak ijah? awa silap taruk tarikh ka?? ayo gomenasai..i’m confused lar dey..anyhow too caught up with works..i have no idea what are u talking about..Was I really that careless? Argh well..later lah i’ll check it up

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