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Back to the old days?

It’s been a long summer and since then my life is pretty different than it was before. I got my new laptop, a bundle of new songs from my sister, not to mention the twisted world of love and hate. Now, it’s already winter and the pressure of incoming workloads is not something that anybody would look forward to. Nevertheless, it’s always a good excuse not to be around so much these days and to let go some of the “commitments”. Sometimes, it’s better just to ignore things and move on. Oh yes I’ve reformatted my laptop and everything is lost. I couldn’t be bothered to make a back up files but there’s this song that i really like written by my dear sister. Here it is and hopefully my memories didn’t fail me *yet

Stupid Reasons – by Ijah Amran

Don’t turn around when I call, don’t pretend

Don’t look at me with sad eyes, don’t run away and hide

Don’t talk about love, don’t ask me to see or understand

Don’t give me stupid reasons, don’t tell me you’ve tried so hard

Don’t lie to me, don’t pretend you feel no pain inside

It’s like starving at a feast, dying of hunger

When there’s plenty to eat

Living in chains when you have wings to fly free

Though I know that you can’t see

All the love that you feelIt was never meant to be…….~huahua :((

Don’t hold back the tears, don’t fight the feelings

Don’t smile at the pain, don’t try to shoulder all the blame

Don’t give me stupid reasons, don’t act the fool

When you go home to an empty room

And I know that the loneliness is growing inside

But please know I’d still be here by your side

Never losing faith in you, never losing hope

Though I know that, you can’t see all the love that you feel

It was never meant to be

Though I know that you can’t see


Hmmm…it took me a while to figure the purpose of this song. Argh well, other people would probably look at it differently. I keep my opinions to myself then ;)..but yeah 5 stars to this song, very well written =D> (clapclap)


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  1. Anonymous

    wakakakakaka..i just noticed this today long it’s been up here?? ayoo..sooo embarrassing looks so much different when it’s posted here..anyhow this is a breach of privacy wakakakakka..get yourself a lawyer keskes

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